Tucson Sierra-vista Alumni Chapter Of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc.


"Sustaining Achievement in Southern Arizona"


Senior Kappa Affairs

Our senior members remain the backbone of the Tucson-Sierra Vista Alumni Chapter. It is a well known fact that the Senior Kappas are and remain the primary support group of every fundraising endeavor. They recruit the most support and regularly lead in soliciting the highest amount of financial support of every fundraising project. In addition, their commitment to every community activity remains unequaled, whether it be a Guide Right program, a Kappa League event or any of our many foundation events. Their presence and involvement remains enthusiastically supportive.

Military and Veterans

In our transition from a small chapter to a medium-size chapter, we now have the resources, financially and personnel, to take on a greater role in our veteran community. Having two major military institutions in the area, Davis Monthan AFB and Ft Huachuca, a need exists for the Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi involvement. Through our collective efforts, we plan to:

  • Annually recognize our veterans to let them know that we value their services and willingness to continue to serve the community through the charitable efforts of TSVAC.
  • Keep veterans informed of various programs and opportunities to serve the veterans community.
  • Provide help to qualified vets to obtain gainful employment at various companies in the area.
  • Sponsor a minimum of one chapter sponsored function each year that supports a veterans organization.

TSVAC is fortunate to have fifteen Brothers representing four of the five military branches. These Brothers’ service to our country spans the Vietnam era down to the most recent conflicts. Chapter’s veterans are:

Brother Vernon L. Trotter U.S. Army
Brother Khawand Canty Sr. U.S. Army
Brother Jwan D. Tucker U.S. Army
Brother Joseph S. White U.S. Army
Brother Jason A. Brown U.S. Air Force
Brother George Priest U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
Brother Dewey A. Holmes U.S. Air Force
Brother Arthur W. Tigney U.S. Air Force Reserve
Brother Carlos A. Lindsey U.S. Air Force
Brother Clea O. McCaa U.S. Army
Brother Calvin H. Jackson U.S. Air Force
Brother Roger C. Hunter U.S. Army
Brother Joseph S. Brown Jr U.S. Army
Brother Christopher E James U.S. Army Reserve
Brother Ted Guillory U.S. Navy
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