Tucson Sierra-vista Alumni Chapter Of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc.


"Sustaining Achievement in Southern Arizona"

Current Chapter Leadership

Sam Ross


Shawn Tinsley

Vice Polemarch

Brandon Johnson

Keeper of Records

Brian Santarosa

Assistant Keeper of Records

Bruce Mills

Keeper of Exchequer

Ted Guillory

Assistant Keeper of Exchequer

Jwan Tucker


Roger Hunter

Lieutenant Strategus

Kenneth Goode


Clea McCaa


Butch Diggs

Board of Directors

Kevin Givens

Board of Director

Alonzo Williams

Board of Directors

Carlton  Martin

Reclamation Chairman

Harrison Blackwell

Senior Kappa Affairs Chairman

Khawand Canty

Board of Director

John Jackson

Delta Omicron Advisor

Previous Chapter Polemarchs

Dr. Lamond B. Preston


Dr. Edward F. Sparks


Sidney L. Dawson


Dr. Charles "Chuck" Ford


Lee Watson

IBM Manager (Retired)

Robert Kimbrough


Dr. Orville S. Diggs


Vernon L. Trotter

US Army (Retired)

Sylvester A. Maxey


Ken W. Oden

Computer Engineer & Consultant

Jonathan "Jt" Tamplin

Sr. Systems Engineer

Christopher D. Coneway

​System Engineer

Alonzo Williams


Fred Cross

Program Manager

Carlton Martin

Human Resources

Khawand Canty

United States Army

A Short History of The Tucson-Sierra Alumni Chapter

On May 9th, 1966 twelve members of Kappa Alpha Psi living in Tucson, AZ bonded together and petitioned National Headquarters for recognition to be an alumni chapter. They were Brothers Edward H. Brown, Edward Davis, Richard Davis, Sidney L. Dawson Jr., Charles Ford, John Eddie Joe, Lamond B. Preston, Herman Warrior, George Whaley, Joseph Whaley, Harold Wilson and Roy Whitehead, each having been initiated as an under graduate, and still continuing their pursuit of achievement and the fundamentals of our Noble Klan. Through the waiting period these brothers continued to nourish themselves in the fine traditions of Kappa Alpha Psi and laying the groundwork for the future of this chapter.

March 18, 1967 the Grand Chapter added Tucson Alumni Chapter, to the roll and issued the charter. The first officers of the new chapter were Brothers Lamond B. Preston, Polemarch, Charles Ford, Vice-Polemarch, Harold Wilson, Keeper of Records, John E. Joe, Keeper of Exchequer, Herman Warrior, Executive Secretary, Sidney Dawson, Strategus & Parliamentarian and Edward Brown as the Historian & Reporter. With all of the executive members in place the new chapter was ready to do the business of the fraternity. Like any new organization the desire to be the best was a sincere part of their goals. With brothers eagerly pursing their careers, following the traditions set before them in the outline of Kappa Alpha Psi, all was in place for the chapter to set the southern part of Arizona on fire. Phoenix Alumni had things under control in the central and the north.

On December 1974 marked the new beginning for the chapter. Brother James O. Whaley, Western Province Polemarch, paid a visit to the area and installed the new officers, this occurred before the 59th Grand Chapter meeting in Las Vegas, NV. The reactivation was completed with a new emphasis, being placed on reactivating the under graduate chapter at the University of Arizona, Delta Omicron, and to build a strong base in the community. The urgent need to do this was because so many members in the area had graduated from the University of Arizona and still had very close ties to the campus. Under the leadership of Brother Dr. Edward Sparks as Polemarch, the goals became a reality and the reactivation of Delta Omicron came to life in the spring of 1976 with three new members being added to the great scroll at National Headquarters. They were Brothers Larry Demic, Sylvester Maxey and Gregory Lloyd. With the first goal accomplished Kappa Alpha Psi was growing in the Tucson community again.

The word spread south of Tucson and landed home at Fort Huachuca and the Sierra Vista community, home of the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th & 10th Calvary. This lead to more growth in the state as the word went out in the desert that Kappa Alpha Psi was real and moving, all within the fundamentals of the fraternity and all of the supporting communities.

The chapter played host to the 33rd Western Province Council meeting in April 1980. The meeting was a success and the community enjoyed having Kappa’s from the west visiting the Old Pueblo.

Now that growth had become a part of the chapters make up with members stationed at the Fort Huachuca and living in Sierra Vista it became apparent that the name needed to be changed to reflect the growth that was occurring. The active membership passed a motion for the executive body to submit the petition to Grand Chapter requesting the name be changed to the Tucson-Sierra Vista Alumni Chapter. On August 25, 1990 the name change became official and a new charter was issued reflecting the change.


A Short History of The Delta Omicron Chapter (ΔΟ) - University Of Arizona

Chartered In 1956........

The Kappa Psi Club of the University of Arizona, Tucson started its fraternal trip in May 1953. Joseph Whaley, Don Tang, Don Wolfe, Joel Fontaine, Hank Robinson, Richard Davis, Roy Whitehead and Eugene Yen were among the originals who kicked the gong around with frustration and tradition ringing loud to produce a well-knit unit.

The club officially petitioned the University of Arizona, under the guidance of Brother Richard Davis, to be recognized as the Kappa Psi Club of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. In June 1954, the University’s activity committee acted favorably and the Kappa Psi club was formally recognized as a local campus group. The group began to participate in community and campus activates intramurals, and social functions.

May ‘56 the Grand chapter acted favorably on the petition and the chapter was installed on the University of Arizona campus as the Delta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

Many of the campus honoraries have claimed Kappa brothers: Richard Davis and Charles Kendricks, Phi Delta Chi; Howlett Smith and Frank Suggs, Phi Mu Alpha; Joseph Whaley Phi Beta Kappa; Mal Andrews, SIGMA delta PSI; S. Henri Bee Robinson, Chi Psi and Alpha Phi Omega; JOSEPH stone and Frank Suggs Pershing Rifles; Joseph Stone, Arnold Air Society, and Mal Andrews was selected as a finalist in the “Most Eligible Bachelor contest of ’55. Haddie Redd lead Arizona Basketball scorers in ’55 and he was outstanding on the varsity baseball team.

Charter members were Edward Brown, Marlon Guess, Kenneth G. Goode, Frank Suggs, Floyd Jackson, S. Henri Robinson, and John Denton. The Grand Chapter Representative was Thomas Bradley.

As a recognized chapter of the National Fraternity, the Delta Omicron Chapter hopes to contribute much to the life of the university, community and country.